StudentMealBiblical  Preaching
God calls His people, sustains His people and builds them up by His Word and Spirit.  The long-term implications of living under the consistent, faithful preaching of the “whole counsel of God” during the most crucial years of your life cannot be calculated.  Because of this, the choice of where you will go to church during your university years is of far greater consequence than where you study or what course you choose.  Choose well.

A Living Congregation
God did not design His people to live as if they were lost sheep–isolated individuals drifting in an out of services–but as members of His Body, the church.  Christians need the opportunities for mutual service and the ongoing accountability to be found in a local church.  At GPC you will find a living body of believers, redeemed sinners living out the many challenging implications of following Christ.  We not only want to serve students, we want students to serve.

A Meal
Each Lord’s Day after the morning service, one of the families holds an “open house” complete with a Sunday dinner and a time for informal fellowship.  Students are especially welcome and invited to eat with us.

Location and Transportation
We meet at the Lobley Hill Community Centre  (47 Scafell Gardens, Lobley Hill, Gateshead, NE11 9LS).  Click here to find us on Google Maps. The Community Centre is about 10-15 minutes driving time from the centre of Newcastle.  However, we provide lifts for students.