It is a common observation that fruitful Christians read – primarily Scripture, but also good books. Thus, the elders encourage everyone to take part in our reading programme, which consists of a new book (or books) provided free of cost every three months. We hope this might be of help to people individually as well as providing a basis for our informal discussion with one another.

Books of the Quarter

Jonathan Edwards For The Church – Various

EP Books (2015) — 310 pages — ISBN: 9781783971169

The ‘Jonathan Edwards for the Church’ conference met in February 2014 in Durham, England. Not a dry academic, historical conference of little or no relevance to real life, this meeting heard papers that showed the relevance of Edwards for today’s church. This book is formed by the essays presented at that conference.

This collection of essays does more than apply lessons from Edwards’ ministry, however: it is a much needed corrective to the current idea that the gathered church, worshipping God around God’s Word week by week, is somehow inadequate to the needs of contemporary society. On the contrary, the knowledge of God is ministered precisely through the local church, and Edwards is a guide to recovering that vision. The authors have done a great service in helping us catch it.
— Iain D Campbell: Free Church of Scotland, Isle of Lewis



Evangelical Holiness – Iain H Murray

Banner of Truth 2013  — 184 pages – ISBN: 9781848713192

In London in the 1950s Martyn Lloyd-Jones gave a new meaning to ‘conferences’. For him they were not times for learned discussion, or for the reading of papers, but a means of awakening a younger generation to big spiritual issues. From such gatherings, preachers, in particular, would carry fire back to their churches. Following his mentor’s  model, Iain Murray has sought, with others, to continue that practice. These pages are a selection of his more recent addresses and include:

  • Evangelical Holiness andSpirituality;
  • The Attack on the Bible;
  • Apostasy;
  • The Benefits and Dangers ofControversy;
  • and Rest in God–The Fourth Commandment Is For Today.



Previous Books of the Quarter

A Word document of all the previous books of the Quarter can be found here: Books of the Quarter

Worship Material (permanent)

How can you include musical worship into your time of family worship at home?  One way is to have your own copies of the Psalter and hymnal the church uses on the Lord’s Day.  The suggested arrangement is for one music edition per family, plus sufficient regular editions for everyone else to be able to follow along.  If you do not have these books in your home, please ask Chris or Bill.

1. Sing Psalms, Music Edition (red book).The split format of tunes on top, words at the bottom in separate half-pages is useful as well as neat. Metrical Psalms can be sung to any compatible tune (such as CM, LM, or SM), but each Psalm comes with suggested tunes that (usually) match the mood of the Psalm.

2. Sing Psalms, Words (blue book). Includes the new translation of the Psalms we typically use, plus the old Scottish Psalter in the back which features a number of renditions that cannot be improved upon.

3. Christian Hymns, Music Edition. The new edition of Christian Hymns is not without its flaws, but overall we do not know of a better single-source for the entire body of English hymnody from ancient to brand new.

4. Christian Hymns, words only.